DK-20 Modular Screens
Build a functional tool wall, combine dividers into a collabrative environment, or use them to create an acoustically sound environment.
DK-20 is part of a modular approach to furniture that is suitable for home working, office working and retail. Solutions that are non destructive, expandable and modular to meet the demands of urban home workers.

In a post pandemic world, retailers and offices and around the world have the responsibility to maintain a safe and organised environment and use free-standing dividers to provide this.

These dividers can be very cumbersome, non customisable and require a third party to set up and install, incurring extra charges.

With more workers return to offices, retail and the hospitality industry begins to resume normality, solutions that are easy to assemble and highly customisable are required to meet the demands of 'the new normal'.
A Blank Canvas

Whatever DK-20 is used for, the design has been simplified to give the user 'a blank canvas' to create their own solutions with. Its simplified construction allows users to add components specific to their needs and requires no/minimal tools, making it usable for a wider range of users.
Frame and Boards​​​​​​​
The foundation of DK-20 is a simple wooden frame, to help keep the overall weight down and increase portability. On the upright sections, is a dove tail rail system that allows boards to slide down into place.
The rail system allows for multiple boards to be added to one frame, giving the user a deeper level of personalisation and allows them to combine multiple boards to each side of the frame.
On the bottom of the frame, two holes where the base locates into, and is secured in place by a locating pin on each side of the frame.
Base and Legs
The Base frame is made from steel tube sections and will give the frame a high level of stability when being transported. Legs simply locate into the base of the frame and are secured by two location pins.
The legs can be finished with castor wheels, to give added portability. Or for more static creations, feet attachment with a cork base can be specified and will help reduce damage to the floor.
The Home Office​​​​​​​
Much like the DK-40 Storage Units, DK-20 aims to provide solutions that are free standing, non destructive and require minimal/no tools to assemble. It also provides a platform for users to create a more personalised environment in rented apartments.
Due to the modularity of the boards, you could have a pin board set up in your home office, with your daily tasks and meeting minutes.
Alternatively, you could have a peg board set up in your home workshop/garage, storing all your tools for a small business or for weekend vehicle maintenance.
The Office
Its simple construction means that DK-20 is easy to maintain, can offer a low price point and is highly portable, making it perfect for the office/co-working space.
A myriad of board options means that companies can select white boards that employees can write on and collaborate together, acoustic panels for quiet office areas/ phone calls. Or simply used as static space dividers to help section off the office layout.
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