Hi, I'm Samson

And it's my mission to create authentic experiences through Industrial Design.

My philosophy is to design useful, simple and sustainable products that are built to last.

I believe that design should be accessible for everyone and not for the chosen few. Japanese and Scandanavian design are my main inspirations, design that is made from honest materials, simple and allows the user to fully understand it, use it everyday and create their own stories with them. I strive to create products that follow these ideologies and become sustainable and timeless.

I am always looking to improve on my current experiences.
As well as studying Industrial Design, I have also worked as a freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer. I also have industry experience working in Marketing.
In short, I am multi-disciplined in approach and I am always looking for new ways to be creative, and to improve on my skillset.
I am still learning and enjoying new experiences everyday, which is why I love to collaborate. I love to get hands on with projects, hand sketch and prototype with pretty much anything. I am always looking to improve on myself and my work and face challenges head on.

I am always open to new opportunities and collaborations.
I believe collaboration is the key to innovative work and I am always looking to learn from others and allow others to learn from my growing skillset. If you have a project that we could collaborate on, please contact me!
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