UNIQLO's key items heavily rely on plastic based packaging. Items such as AIRism, HEATTech, Packaged T Shirts and Women's Briefs all use a similar 'sandwich' style bag. As the fashion industry is starting to become more sustainable, UNIQLO should consider a total re-design of their current packaging solutions.
Inspired by Traditional Japanese Craft and Engaging Packaging Design
With influence from the Japanese art of Tsutsumi, packaged UNIQLO products should be admired, respected and presented in such a way that recieving one feels like an event, and unboxing one is a celebration of not only the science behind the product, but proudly owning the product. The product should feel like it has been carefully prepared and meticulously looked after, and encapsulates the history of UNIQLO and Japan itself.
HEATTECH & AIRism Packaging
Inspired by Origami, a craft associated with Japan, packaging can be folded from a net, which can be simply folded and assembled. These envelope style designs requires no glue, tape or any adhesives, making the packaging simple, elegant and easy to recycle.
The envelope design can also be easily printed on and an Outer Sleeve can allow for additional branding and product information.
A single piece of precision cut, high quality paper, folded meticulously perfectly parallels the value of UNIQLO's products: Simple Made Better.
Different variations were created to find the most efficient design, but also the one that was more interactive, making users appreciate the development behind it, but to also think twice about throwing away and possibly finding a second life for the envelope.
Adaptable Design to Fit all Needs
Multiple variants of the 'Engineered Envelope' design can be incorporated to package items of multiple thicknesses, for example UNIQLO's Ultra Warm Heattech, which requires a larger, deeper box in comparison to the regular heattech.
By simplifying and reducing the amount of different types of packaging that UNIQLO currently use, it will drastically increase the efficiency of in store operations, standardise and simplify the packaging used, eliminate plastic waste and minimise profit loss.

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