Tab. beauty products
By concentrating cosmetics into a tablet form, users can enjoy more natural, longer lasting products.
Tab. aims to close the loop by also giving users a set of long lasting vessels to store their tablets.
The aim for Tab. is to contribute towards a circular economy, to encourage people to buy well and buy less.
Creating a cleaner
cleaning solution
A large majority of cosmetics have one common ingredient, water (aqua).
As bacteria can harvest in water, preserving agents are also required for aqua based products, meaning the chemicals are put onto your hair and body.
Concentrated/powder based products are becoming more and more commonplace and opens the door to more cruelty free, natural, sustainable and responsible products.
Just add water
Tablet based cosmetics such as Shampoo and body wash will not only mitigate the use of preserving chemical agents, but will also provide users with a more potent product, as it is not diluted with water.
With a water based product, users can often poor too much product, which ultimately leads to waste.
A tablet based system will help moderate the product and provide the right amount of product per tablet.
Closing the loop
The Tab. cosmetic system also provides users with a set of vessels to keep forever, and simply refill them as and when required.
A glass jar is used to dispense tablets and is kept in the bathroom. Inspired by a hip flask design, but with has an offset lid so users can dispense tablets with ease. Glass is a universally recycled product and can easily be introduced back into the manufacturing cycle.
The base is made from post consumer plastics, which further increases the sustainable credentials of Tab.

Colour, Material, Finishes
An Aluminium canister can house reserve tablets, meaning less trips to the refill station/ online orders.
Aluminium is a highly durable material, rust proof (important if stored in wet, steamy environments),  highly recyclable (much like glass) and is ready for hundreds if not thousands of refills.
The Lid would also be made from post consumer plastic waste, to help reduce the use of virgin materials and breathe new life into what would be landfill/ ocean waste.
Tab. will help 'close the loop' by re-introducing broken/returned vessels back into the manufacturing process.
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