Shelving Brackets
Buying a house for the first time can be challenging, especially when renovations or improvements have to be made. In an effort to save money, first time buyers often complete smaller tasks themselves.
Lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic saw a huge rise in DIY in the home. People were confined to work and live in the same spaces and most people saw this as an opportunity to improve their homes and workspaces.
I was tasked in creating a set of shelf brackets to add to an East London start-up company's expanding portfolio of hardwares.

For the DIYers.
As this range of products are designed for those relatively new to DIY, the brackets needed to be simple, easy to understand and not intimidating to interact with.
After a quick ideation process we opted to develop the process of bending.
Sheet bending would allow us to form brackets from one piece of material, reducing manufacture costs.
Forming brackets from one piece of material would also highlight the simplicity of the bracket.
Manufacturing Process
- CNC laser cut would create the overall 'flat' shape and screw holes
-De-burred and sanded to create the desired edge finish
- Metal bending machine would bend flanges to a 90 degree angle, forming the mounting points.
- Powder Coated to colour (if required)
Boomerang Brackets
The 'Boomerang' concept are mounted to the ends of the shelf to create a cleaner profile.
End brackets could be ideal for new DIYers as they don't need to worry about securing the brackets off centre (for example, brackets that sit under the shelf need to be equal on both sides of the shelf).
Users can use the bracket in either orientation too, depending on their preference.
The Slotted L Bracket
The Slotted L creates the perfect balance between functionality and modern aesthetics.
Constructed from a single piece of solid Flat Bar, the slotted form creates a strong bracket. The simple form - a ninety degree bend - creates a modern, universal and easy to understand bracket for the homes of young familes.
The Slotted L brackets can also be used to create a shelving system with ease. Thanks to the flat edges on the top and bottom, the brackets can be butted up to each other, eliminiating the need to add a wall bracket.
The Slotted L - A heavy duty bracket that fit for use in the garage as well as the kitchen.
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