The H-17 is a consumer-level hair dryer that references the design of cameras and gives the user full control over the hair drying experience in a tactile and engaging way.
Dials and Settings
Cameras have specific dials for the three main exposure controls; ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Each control has a satisfying click to every turn of the dial. Each dial has a knurling to enhance the friction around the dial. Each button has a distinct click so the users know the button has been pressed. All of this combined, gives the user complete control over a very tactile and hands on experience.
The body material, normally a metal alloy is cold to the touch, but references a strong, high quality and clean product that is ready to pick up and use.
The handle of the hair dryer is cylindrical for ambidextrous use, making it as universal as possible, but to also reference the simple design of Leica range finder bodies. A Cold Shot button is placed at the index finger for ease of use, and a heat control dial is located on the rear of the handle.
The H-17 aims to be cordless, allowing the users full and unrestricted use of the product. However, a USB Type-C charing dock can be used to charge the  H-17 when not in use. A pulsating and calming white light on the base of the dock acts as the battery charge indicator.
The cylindrical handle features a knurled finish to give the handle a subtle but effective grip. It delivers a high quality finish, as well as added tactility.
A metal uni-body design gives the H-17 a high quality, premium feel. Three simple to use controls are located on the cylindrical shaped handle. A Collar Switch to turn the Hair Dryer on and control the speed, an Adjustable Heat Dial and a threaded Cold Shot Button.

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