Revolut x Gl Monfils
In a short, one month sprint, we were briefed to create and deliver a card and packaging concept that was unique to tennis player Gaël Monfils, to commemorate his new partnership at Revolut. I was tasked in creating the packaging concepts, from concept to production.
New Balls Please
The final design was inspired by traditional tennis ball packaging. I wanted to retain the satisfying experience of opening a new pack, while the cuboid tube would provide a fresh alternative to the otherwise plastic, round tube packaging.
The card would then be placed on a plinth, surrounded by two tennis balls.
Slip lid style Cuboid packaging, constructed from 2mm Greyboard

Paper Wrap and Plinth
- 120gsm GF Smith Bright White (outer Wrap)
- 120gsm GF Smith Lavender (Outer Wrap, inner shoulder)
- 1400sm GF Smith Tabriz Blue (Sandgrain emboss)

Assembly and Final design
The GF Smith Lavender would serve as an accent to add some character to the unboxing experience. During our research we found purple and green to feature heavily on his social channels. Gaël and Elina also had a purple wedding, so we knew adding purple would add an element of personality. Gaël quotes Arthur Ashe on his socials. Adding it here would create a suprising but thoughtful element to the unboxing experience.
The GF Smith Tabriz Blue would reference the hard court at the Australian Open, where Gael won his first Junior title in 2004. The Paper itself has a Sandgrain emboss, to emulate the surface of the court and to add to the tactile experience.
The Outer wrap is GF Smith Bright white, delivering a clean tactile outer that is bound to excite and entice Gaël to open the pack.
The Tennis balls were custom printed with his logo and the Revolut wordmark, as per ITF guidelines.
‘X’ graphic on top not only references the partnership: 
‘Revolut x Gaël Monfils’, but is also a celebratory symbol Gael uses when he wins matches.
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