Flytte Modular
Desk Trays
There is an ever growing need to provide storage/organisation solutions for the working environment. A new range of modular trays will allow users to build up a desktop organisation solution that is tailored to their needs, ready to adapt to new requirements and seamlessly integrate into all lifestyles.
Inspired by adaptability​​​​​​​
Modular units can be added to the tray to create a desk companion that fits your lifestyle. With reference to IKEA x Teenage Engineering's FREKVENS collaboration and Google's Project ARA, it would allow the user to build a system that works for them,  rather than purchasing a 'generic' product.

The Stand Units​​​​​​​
Follow a new recipe or video call loved ones with the stand unit.
Shaped in the shape of a '+' to allow the user to use the unit in either orientation, the stand will allow the user to stand Mobile phones, business cards, Post it Notes or pretty much anything that fits inside the cutout.
Or use the Double stand to watch movies in landscape, stand two devices at once.
Wireless Charging Units
With the growing popularity of wireless charging technology, Wireless chargers are available to charge mobile devices with ease.
Cork inlays sit proud from the top and acts as a soft, non slip surface to place smartphones onto and to indicate the optimal charging point.
Need to charge two devices? Equip a double sized wireless charger into the tray to seamless charge two units at once.

Expansive Design
More units can be produced to fit into as many lifestyles as possible.
For example, a simple pen rest can be used for writers to store their stationery, and machined from one piece of material, keeping the design and construction as simple as possible.
Product Development
(Full size physical prototype)
- 3D printed Polyamide
- Laser cut 6mm MDF
- Laser cut 3mm Cork
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