Version 1
To show the craftsmanship that goes into Joinery and Wood working, I decided to create a logo with a Wood Plane, a traditional and essential tool for Joiners. The Plane is instantly recognisable and is set in a Square box and a simple Sans Serif typeface to create a minimal, modern logo.
Version 2
This design was used to highlight the beauty of wood itself. As wood grows it creates rings and you can determine the age of the timber by the grain. Wood is a beautiful, natural material that has it's own story and personality as it grows. Wilsden WoodWorks carefully selects it's wood to make high quality products, all worked to high standard. This is an area I wanted to highlight with this proposal.
The Final
The selected logo was inspired by a special type of castle joint that Wilsden WoodWorks was experimenting with during his work. The joint itself is a very complex one to successfully create, and references the high quality work that Wilsden WoodWorks creates for his clients. Re-interpreted in an Isometric prespective to make the logo more understandable and uniform, this design reflects the minimal approach that the client wanted, but still references the traditional craft of woodworking, and the dedication that goes into all of his commisions.

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