The New, New Gent
The New Gent² is the next evolution of the New Gent collection. The New Gent² is a new range of square faced watches, but still retains all of the features that made the original range so popular: Minimalistic Design, Low Maintenance, Low Price Point and Swiss quality and reliability.
It also draws inspiration from the first watch I ever owned, the Swatch Rebel.
The New Gent² still retains the design lanuage that features in both the New Gent and the Rebel range.
The Silicone based straps use the same slotted design, and are contoured to create a continuous, smooth transition.
The Glass used is raised from the case and has a large radius, highlighting the prominent feature of the design. The Watchface is minimalistic in design, featuring no numbers, contrasting hands help to tell the time. The date and Time window still feature at the number three position.
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